What is Gypsum Wood and How is it Used in Construction?

10 Aug

Gypsum, which is a mineral, is the second softest of all the minerals. Gypsum board is used as a finish, and in the construction business, gypsum is known as drywall or plasterboard. Wood-Fiber Gypsum Plaster is designed to use as is, or it can be used by adding local sand—equal proportions by weight. It is a highly durable, strong basecoat plaster made from very pine particles of certain wood-fiber. ProBuild’s Lakewood lumber yard has gypsum wood for your construction produces, and ProBuild’s Lakewood gypsum yard will work with you to ensure this is the right choice for your construction needs. Be sure to check out Lakewood construction supplies at ProBuild today!

Uses for Gypsum Wood

Interior walls and ceilings with gypsum wood panels have a strong, durable surface that does well with just about any type of redecoration projects for the life of the panels. Here are some of the advantages of using gypsum wood in construction:

• Dry construction: Panels that are factory produced do not contribute moisture during the construction process.

• Fire protection: Gypsum will not support combustion. With specific types, fire-resistance ratings of four hours with partitions, three hours for floor ceilings and four hours for columns and beams are available.

• Sound Resistance: Gypsum partitions and floor/ceiling systems control sound.

• Stability: Gypsum wood’s expansion and contraction under normal temperatures and changes in humidity will not cause buckling or warping. When Gypsum wood is reinforced properly, cracking is unlikely.

Gypsum building materials are used in residential and non-residential construction jobs.

• Plasterboard, used for partitions and wall, ceiling roof, and floor lining, can be altered to meet a variety of requirements such as fire, impact and humidity resistance.

• Decorative plaster is used to create effective and attractive brick wall lining and ceiling lining.

• Gypsum is used for partitions and gypsum tiles are used for ceilings.

• Gypsum fireboard is good for impact resistance, humidity resistance and sound insulation.

Gypsum is used in the interior and residences, businesses and any buildings where people gather including schools, stores, airports and mall. Gypsum construction products provide outstanding performance for everyday comfort, fire resistance, acoustics, thermal insulation, and impact resistance boards. The unique properties of Gypsum make possible many of the beautiful features of buildings’ modern interiors.

ProBuild, a Lakewood lumber yard, has gypsum and other construction materials you need for residences and businesses. Our Lakewood gypsum yard is your one-stop shop for your gypsum building products. ProBuild is the country’s largest supplier of building materials to everyone from national builders, small-time contractors and even those who do it themselves.


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